March 24, 2010

New and Used Cars in Nepal

Hello everybody, and welcome to this first post on Cars in Nepal. In this blog, we will be reviewing all the new cars available in Nepal, with their prices and special offers and of course, their pros and cons. I'll try to get through the most popular cars in Nepal first, such as the Hyundai Santro and Toyota Corolla, but trust me, there are many many cars out there in the market which are as good, if not better.

In the meantime, you can check our main site EasyCars is where you go to browse all the cars available in Nepal. We have one section for new cars, and another for used cars for sale in Nepal. Try it, we have hundreds of different car models for sale at this very moment. These cars are gotten from dealers - second hand car dealers around Kathmandu - as well as individuals who want to sell their cars at good rates. So if you have a car to sell, you know which site is going to help you out. More about EasyCars in later posts.

Post comments on which cars you want reviewed first. Also, would love some feedback on the EasyCars site as well.

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